The perfect replica watches Titanium case

Code name chosen by Omega for the top secret projects related to NASA, this prototype was created to face the extreme temperatures of Space. To this end, the titanium case (the beginning of the use of this material for the case) is inserted into a protective aluminum box. Between 1969 and 1978 there will be four prototypes designed with this name: the project will become a limited edition replica Tag Heuer in 2008.

In 2003 the maison chose to commemorate the "Silver Snoopy Award", a prize received in 1970 for its role in being able to bring back to Earth the crew of the Apollo 13, when a technical failure made the landing impossible and the re-entry very difficult on the land of the three crew members, who, deprived of the equipment of the baggage replica Rolex watches, they relied on the Speedmaster for the measurement of the time of ignition of the motor of the lunar module (an error in the measurement of the time of ignition of the motor would have provoked an excessive acceleration of the spacecraft and a drift of the same towards an incorrect course, an error that would have been fatal to the astronauts).

In 2017, the maison pays tribute to the community of online enthusiasts who every week share photos of their Speedmaster with the hashtag #speedytuesday with a limited series sold only online and immediately sold out. The initiative was also repeated last year and the replica watch sold out in less than two hours.